About Me:       
Denise D Hill, Licensed Massage Therapist
Graduate of Cortiva Institute for Therapeutic Massage, (Chicago, IL), Jan 2011(GPA: 3.77), Licensed, March, 2011, Insured, May 2011
Trained in specific modalities: Swedish,(relaxation) Sports massage, Myofacial release, Clinical progression, & Deep tissue. I strongly believe in the healing effects of massage, & its ability to relieve stress.
“Stress is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are”....
Chinese proverb
Why Massage?
I believe in the holistic approach to better health. I believe we, as licensed massage therapists, can encourage the body toward the healing process.
I believe regimented massage can lessen the need for certain medications.
I believe a nurturing touch can provide relaxation & much, much more. It can increase self-awareness a reassurance of the body’s healing abilities with lasting effects, better functioning of the bodies’ systems, which are:
The integumentary(skin), skeletal, & muscular:…for protection and support & movement
The nervous (brain, spinal cord & nerves) & endocrine (glands  and hormones: for coordination & control)
The cardiovascular (heart & blood) & lymphatic (defenses): for circulation
The respiratory (lungs), digestive & urinary: for nutrition & fluid  balance
The reproductive: for the production of offspring.
I believe in working with every client on a personal level, as individuals, whose needs and requests differ, as much as they do. I believe in respecting the client as a person first.
I believe in listening, gathering information, & past health history thoroughly, to work toward the productive and desired result of every client’s session.
I believe in massage, simply because it is wonderful for you & feels wonderful to you!
I believe massage is a dance…and you’re invited!
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